No More Glue

I used to have children. They were my life.  They were the glue I never had.  They are people who really love me.  I mean…really….not even joking…THEY REALLY, REALLY LOVE ME…for real…. I was happy in this picture…Look at my house…it was so clean!  My Christmas lights were not flipping anyone off.  Yes, I was lonely, my children had no father, to speak of, at the time, and it was Christmas…but I had my family…the family that loves me….Hindsight is 20/20, ain’t it?

Babies….I’m so, so, so sorry….if I had only known….I love you so much…Mommy loves you so, so much.




  1. wow that IS a beautiful photo of you and your youngsters. Keep fighting girl! You’ll soon be in your own place with no roomies and hopefully that will help things. Keep writing. I think if you do, you could really write a book.

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