If it’s true that before we, as humans, incarnate, we get to pick our own fate, then I must have been making an egoic bet with some other mf up there when I picked mine…and maybe this statement is SUPER-GRANDIOSE to some and blasphemous to others, but Jesus was making the same kinda bets when he picked his, too….I spose he won his bet.



      1. um…that’s what I’m thinking…see, there’s that whole Law of Conservation of Energy that just messes up any thoughts I have about just being done with it all….what do you think?

  1. Your pretty much right. Before I talk I’m going to preface this with the “don’t get bent outta shape” clause I’ve checked out a bunch of different religions. When I say different religions, I mean ones other than Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. I feel while those are different, they are all based off the same premises.
    I’m talking Hindu, Buddhism, African, Native American Indian, etc.
    Those all have the same thoughts on the afterlife. In some form or fashion we return here again šŸ˜‰

    1. Indeed, we do, and I also don’t believe the Christian Bible teaches against it, in fact, I believe the Bible has so many verses that make a good case for reincarnation.

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