Attention Spans and Love

I am aware that because of technology and the rapid speed of life these days, the attention span of many people, including mine, is short.  So, when someone sees one of my stories in the feed, a story made of several thousand words, it makes happy in my soul when someone (or two) take the time to read it.


When I am on a good week, not depressed, not hiding from the world, I do make a concerted effort to read everything in my feed because I know the person who wrote it, did so, to have it read and acknowledged.

People need love in any way they can get it, whether they realize it or not.

Taking the time to read another’s words is an act of love.  The more love there is in the world, the happier we will all be.



      1. Wish you would come back to Facebook it’s not fun miss talking with ya

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