To The Junkies Reading My Blog….lol…

Don’t shoot up in the veins in your hands.

I know when you blow all the other ones out, your hand veins will look delicious, but if you live past your addiction you will regret it!

Especially if the rest of you still looks good….haha…like me…I look very good for my age but my hands look like they’re 70.

Just don’t do it….they blow real fast, anyway, and you’ll waste your dope.



  1. I have seen this on friends and patients of medical practices I worked in over the years. Seems like sound advice. I know some of them were also reluctant to use the hands as they are so visible for others to see that they are likely a user.

    1. Thank you, Glenn. And, not only do my hands look old beyond their years, but my fingers will randomly go numb (usually happens more in cold weather). My feet do the same, but….lol….my feet weren’t pretty, anyway.

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