21st Century Dysfunction

I am constantly at war with myself.

My own personal dysfunctional childhood has created personality traits which are in direct conflict with my real personality.

I am an aries, a second decan aries to a “T”.  I have always been headstrong, unafraid, the first to do things others do not.

This totally conflicts with my dysfunctional “people pleasing” issues.

I have and will walk any street at any time of the day or night with zero fear.

Answering my phone or checking my email?

OMG.  I have to get shit-faced drunk.





    1. Yeah, that childhood bs really is something…It’s…I want to write a neat metaphor right now, but I just woke up and nothing is coming, lol….let me finish my coffee and I’ll think of one. *BIG HUG* for you!

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