Text Fight Champion

So I’ve been sitting at my chair for a couple of days now, with great ambition and writer’s block.. I am pretty drunk and so I have decided that I am not going to break for paragraphs.  Nope, I am going to ignore that voice in my head that says, “STOP,  AFTER THAT PERIOD HIT ‘ENTER'”…and the logical side of my brain is going to defend that voice as much as it can until the more logical member of the logical side reminds the less logical member, “that it is not as if the paragraphs will be made at the correct place…so go and ahead and let the illogicals on the right side ramble…it’s very late at night, and it’s been a while since we have laughed, anyway.  Take a break, grab some popcorn and enjoy their ramblings…actually sometimes they do say some pretty logical things, albeit in a very illogical fashion”.  Sometimes, I like left brains logic.  Like tonight, I like left brains logic.  Usually, right brain has the dominion.  However, it’s not a vast majority dominion.  Unfortunately, my left brain controls more than a little bit…probably at least 40%.  Thankfully, my left brain and my right brain are actually close friends, and tend to work together, especially on the hard thoughts.  I get into most trouble when my right-brained psychic tendencies confuse left brains logic and make verbalization of a thought or an idea, an impossibility sometimes.  Left brain helps me win arguments, especially via text.  I am the current text fight champion…in my region.



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