I’m Always Black And White….gotta start working on that….

Having lived on both sides of the fence…yes, it takes much strength to look inward and see and recognize and admit failures and shortcomings, and also to begin the process (and it IS a PROCESS) of the cessation of lying…oh my God, it’s so hard, but having learned how to do it to the degree that it really is second nature now, I observe those around me and reflect back to my former self and shrink in terror at the thought of how hard that way of life is, too.  I think it is equally hard to be a consummate liar and avoider of truth, both to others and yourself…..there’s so much to remember…..I have been brilliant at both but I think life is easier when it is built on truth….it reduces a bit of the worry.


One comment

  1. Ah, I think back to the old days, well a mere few years ago, when I saw everything in extremes: black and white, right and wrong. Now my perceptions have changed, thanks to seroquel, I see the grey and the in between. So much better! Life is so much simpler without the constraints of disordered thinking.

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