Monsters In The Head

The worst part about living with the monsters in my head is that people with monsters in the head usually only attract to them other people living with monsters in the head and then their monsters fight and always blame the other one before eventually the fittest monster rips the other monster’s throat out and leaves it for dead….and then the murderous monster doesn’t feel guilty, but it’s host does….and it weakens the host and while the host is weak the monsters all get wet and eat after midnight and multiply and shit….

My God, what will this world look like in twenty years?  With all kinds of adult children coming from broken, dysfunctional, abusive homes all running the country and not trusting anyone….and I do mean ANYONE.



  1. I tend to think the ones running things will continue to be the higher functioning rich elite.

    Your comment about, what I will call, “like attracting like” is true. Even with my many meetup groups that I attend, most of those I connect with have mental health issues too. And the same as in the past, I tended to associate with people who had mental illness. Not sure whether they knew they were or whether, like me, they were undiagnosed.

  2. I get a feeling they are changing, these younger ones… they’ve seen the atrocity of adulthood, they know what we are and have had enough of it… I look just at my own brood, the young ones and their young ones and realize their smarter, they question more, they don’t put up with the stupidity around them. I think it’s like all things: what goes around comes around, and its time that the young one’s have a say and doing … I think in the next few years we’ll see a great inner revolution within peoples lives … not some narcissistic crap, but a solid change toward each other and earth. A healing of each not in some return to religion, but of knowing the old ways, the ways of the old worlds … a lot of old souls being born now.

    1. I totally agree….unfortunately, thinking anything otherwise points to annhilation of our species….We have most certainly entered the next round of ‘survival of the fittest’.

      1. Yea… not a pretty picture ahead… sixth extinction, climate issues, war, famine, genocide… you name we’re in for a might rough road… no sense painting a rosy picture: it’s going to hell, and people are ill prepared for it. Sad.

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