Pink Piggy Bank

One time, when I was about three or four,  I had a pink piggy bank. I remember the piggy bank to be larger than it actually was because at the time the action became a memory, my hands were very small.


My step-mother, Penni and I were going to a store. I think it was a flower shop. I remember the location and I could bring you there right now, I just don’t remember what kind of store it was at the time. I think the reason I am unable to recall the type of store is because of the trauma which occurred as soon as we walked into the shop.



I had the piggy bank with me. I don’t remember where I got it or why I even had it with us. I remember liking it very, very much and wanting to hold the piggy bank and never let it go. I did not want to put it down. So when my stepmom told me to leave in the car while we went in the store I was very unhappy.



I must have thrown a fit, I don’t remember. Since she was so new, her and my dad may not even have been married yet, but I think they were. They must have been newly married. The pig was probably a present from one of my new family members.



Now that I think about it, I think it was a gift from my Aunt Lamarylis. She is my mimi’s sister. I will speak of mimi often in this blog, just so you know…she’s my paternal grandma who was also a guardian angel, of sorts, to me. She was definitely my guardian. I loved mimi more than anyone….I still do.


So anyway, I remember my step-mom saying to me right before getting out of the car with the piggy bank, “You are going to break it. You shouldn’t bring it in there”. I held fast to my piggy bank. I wasn’t going to drop my piggy bank! Uhhhh!



As soon as my foot crossed the threshold of that store some sort of oil must have leaked through the ceiling and happen to land in my arms as I was carrying my new pink piggy bank because all I remember after that is…”CRASH”…



Pink shit flying everywhere….people apologizing….bending over….I’m standing there in shock….tears start to fall….Step-mom looking at me mean saying, “I TOLD YOU SO!!”, pointing her finger at me….end of memory.



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