My Apologies

I’m not sure whether what I’m about to say is gonna dig my ditch deeper, or convey my true feelings, which do include my guilt at hurting anyone’s feelings.

My brain/logic tells me that’s stupid. Why in the hell I should be worried about hurting SOMEONE ELSE’S feelings when ain’t ne’re one mf that I know that I know that I know would be there for me if I had to pick up the dreaded phone and actually ask someone for help.

I have to managed to acquire, at this point in my life, two  people who would answer that call…possibly three.

I am blessed…very, very blessed.

I’m getting off the road here….

I’m not judging Robin. Seriously.  I apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings.

But seriously, if I were Robin Williams I would rather people think I accidentally died trying to catch a really badass, dangerous orgasm than to think suicide.



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