I want to say what’s on my mind without disguising it in rhyme but if I don’t then I won’t feel like I am safe.

No one is a friend to me, they all turn into enemies and then they blame it all on me and it makes me want to hide or flee.

I never ever tell a lie so i do not get the reason why people think I’ll let it fly when they do it to me.



  1. I used to get really annoyed when people would lie and would react very harshly. These days though, thanks to medication, I am more mellow. I point out that I do not agree and I don’t make harsh comments that could cause arguments. In my case I am sure there was some paranoia there too, but that is gone also thanks to the meds.

      1. Hey Athena, I am on 400mg twice a day but I have friends who are on much lower doses and it works for them. I stick to the dose prescribed and worked up to 400mg x 2 over many months. It is very sedating.It keeps my mania and psychosis in check.

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