I want to explain how it feels to be alone

when I’m scared and I go to pick up my phone

and hope someone will answer my call

but nobody does…no one at all.

They’re sick of my shit and I understand

but I promise my shit was all unplannned

I try so hard, and at first I do trust

they all fuck me over with jealousy and lust

women hate me because I have beauty

so they call up the troops and make it their duty

to destroy all of the little things that I have left

leave me homeless, barren, bereft

The first who was taken was my dear mother

I didn’t meet them til I was six, she and my brother

my brother always hated me, why I don’t know

It probably had something to do with my dad, though

by the time I met mom, my brain was washed well

I was so cold to her, I put her through hell

she kept loving me anyway but I couldn’t tell

because my daddy said I was worthless.

My sister was born around that same time

and I was very excited but soon I did find

that once she born, none loved me anymore

they put me in my room told me to shut the door

stay in there we don’t want to see your face

I lived in a home where there wasn’t a trace

of love or affection or any sweet smiles

my dad just made fun of me and he did it for miles

I tried and I tried to make my dad proud

just once if he had, I would have been on a cloud

Everything I did was nothing but trash

He would glance at my essays in less than a flash

He would cross out whole paragraphs with his trusty pen

told me I wrote garbage and go try it again

Mind you, I learned to read at four years old

by the time I was seven, newspapers could unfold

and I could read every line written there was

I had a college reading level and this is because


that it makes all of you scared cause I could rip you apart

but I don’t because I am the one with a heart.



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