Somewhere Above

I’m about to be evicted, I don’t know what to do

I have no one who loves me, except for one or two

the one or two that love me, do not have the means

to help me out this hole I’m in, I’m stuck this time, it seems.

My ex boyfriend is a cheater, a liar and a thief

I thought he really loved me but all it’s been is grief

It’s hard to dance, I’m far beyond driven

I can hardly eat food, don’t know how I keep living

I wake up each morning and I wonder where I’m at

it takes about 8 seconds, then I remember and feel flat

I try to lay back down and sleep a bit  more

but sleeping so much tends to make my body feel sore

my mind is sore enough, I don’t need a body ache

I’m nervous as fuck from this life long earthquake

there is never a foundation on which I can stand

I fucking know for a fact I am not from this land

I am in chains on this prison, this planet called Earth

which looks so beautiful from afar, until you meet birth

and birth is the thing which people should fear

instead they fear death, and to that I would cheer

I would so love to die but I’m so damn afraid

I’d get shot right back to here, my game not well-played

We’re cursed to do it over again and again

until all of us humans learn the true meaning of sin

sin is not those rules that you make, the ones you fake

sin is the measure of what we give and what we take

the real definition is “missing the mark”

I don’t think that means fornication after dark

Do you know love?  Do you know what love means?

Do you know how to love all the nasty, the fags and the fiends?

Do you know how to love those who put a knife in your back?

Do you know how to love them despite their attack?

Do you know how to love them when you don’t agree

with the lifestyle they’ve chosen, aren’t they free?

Or is it you that’s not free?  So you’ll take a bit of company with your own misery.

The answer to everything is the definition of love

you can see it in the trees and the skies up above

Go out at night and speak with the moon

tell the stars hey! I’ll be with you soon!

Do what you love, don’t worry at all

about what people say, be they big, be they small

yeah they are watching, but do what you do

and maybe very many will be born from the few

who know how to love, how really to love

because they know home is somewhere above


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