Thanks for the help

This borderline shit now comes to a head

Right at the same time I’m pronounced dead

How many doctors have I seen in the past

their misdiagnoses were really a blast

taking pills for an illness I don’t even got

they say they are working but I know that they’re not

all they’re doing is making me fat

and be content in my cage like a lab rat

then when I say FUCK ALL THESE PILLS

they’re making me crazy, I lost all my feelz

I didn’t have many with which I began

and I feel the rest slipping away, man…

Next time you’re calling me crazy as you walk out the door

you might wanna peruse that DSM-IV

I did, but you know  I am crazy and shit

Crazies like me find some books and we sit

and  read everything we can find in them books

about why in the hell I’m getting them looks

I love how you tell me I never can trust

but lie to my face in very clear bust

take the light off you, KEEP IT ON ME

I’m used to the shit, it’s all that I see.

Thanks for the help.



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