Once in a while

There are some of you bloggers that make me feel good

cause you’re reading my shit and I know that I should

read yours too, and on some days I do

It’s not that I don’t want to but I’m in an aquarium of glue

so it’s hard to move and all I can do

is get to my page and let out my rage

and all of the things in me to help me assuage

the copious amounts of guilt that I’m feeling

and I realize most bloggers don’t find it appealing

to like another’s post unless there’s report

some reciprocity, and if there’s none they abhor

commenting or liking anything I write

even if they relate like mine is their sight

So I want you to know that I still love you all

even while I’m engaged in my own free-fall

I’m still falling but see, today I got up

and mixed coke and some vodka into my cup

and said to myself , opened my laptop

to give ya’ll  attention, whatever I got.

I am glad that I did cause I got to smile

and I only do that once in a while.



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