September Day

I divorced my husband cause I thought him a dick

I was very impetuous and did it real quick

I felt all alone and I didn’t know

that he was the one who made me grow

before I realized the mistake it was over

I could kill myself  and now I’m not sober

he beat me in court, but I knew that he would

he spanked my ass good with a paddle of wood

and took everything that made me secure

now I’m on the Titanic looking less than demure

right in half the boat is breaking

headed downward and my life it’s taking

What was I thinking? leaving my life

I wasn’t the best but I was a good wife

the best husband he wasn’t but he was damn good

and I never have regrets, but I’d go back if I could

and undo the choice that I did make that day

I’m so fucking disgusted that I did betray

the vows I made on that September day.


One comment

  1. Very poetic. It is a shame we cannot go back in time and change those mistakes we made. Clarity of my mind on antipsychotics has made me see that Mum was a great support for my likely BiPolar Dad. We moved out and the bad behaviours of his illness took hold, no longer kept in check by Mum. Perhaps he would have gotten worse anyway? But perhaps not? I wish that people had of seen that the alcoholism may have been masking the real problem of mental illness. But I can’t change the past, I can only seek to understand it.

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