I’m your female middle-aged freestyler


I got ass sometimes and I’m wilder than

anyone you’ve ever know or ever will

my love is so strong you should put it in a pill

and sell it on the street you could sell it to every single

person that you meet cause my essence is fire and it is

my desire to teach you to choose only the higher way of

being but it’s seeming like no ones hears the words  I’m screaming

Words I’m saying while the silly games keeping on playing

and no one tells the truth and if they do

there’s always proof that it was a lie, I don’t know why… I sigh and I look high to the sky

and wish I was with the stars not with any cars

not with the busy street heat underneath my feet

i’m hating it but dating it since I took my first breath

now I’m patiently waiting to be found by death.


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