Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, brother, I hope your day is good

I’d say this to you in person, and I do wish that you would

talk to me sometime, even though it seems a bother

We’ve hardly spoken in our lives,

we don’t share the same father

You grew up with mommy and I lived with my dad

and more than anything I wanted was the life you had

and I know it wasn’t easy, mommy,often never home

she was still inside the house, but her mind was sometimes gone

Two weekends out the month was all I ever got

to spend some time with ya’ll and I loved it a lot

I got to do all the fun things a kids supposed to do

like climbing trees and hiking woods and riding my bike to

the Burger King that was located way across the hood

mommy always let me, and for her I was so good

I was bad for my dad cause he didn’t treat me like he should

I really want to talk to you, if only an hour or two

I want to know about my mother cause there are so few

who really knew our mother and knew her very well

I know you knew her best and I’d love to hear you tell

me some stories from the past that I never did hear

the ones I heard from dad’s side only instilled in me some fear

I never thought she loved me

because that’s what daddy said

he told me she came home one day “go get sarah out the bed”

“you two get away from me, both of you get out”

I was barely two years old with all of this about

After that I never saw our mother again

until  six years old, that’s a lot of years to mend

when a child is so young and had her dad wash her brain

Now I’m almost 40 and I feel like I’m insane

I miss our mother dearly and I wanted you to know

every time she spoke of you, her face would surely glow.

Happy Birthday!




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