Hard to Shock

I don’t care who you are, we all have our own shit

Guess what?  Everyone has different ways of dealing with it.

Maybe you overeat or maybe you shoot some smack

maybe you’re a narcissist who smokes a lot of crack.

You might be a person with a fetish for the feet

or maybe you’re a hooker who tricks on the street

maybe you’re a pedophile who fucks with little kids

the same way your dad fucked with you when you came out the crib

maybe you’re an Alex Grey who is into domination

you like to tie your bitches up, your dick feels the sensation.

Maybe you’re the opposite; you’re into humiliation

you pay a bitch twenty bucks to hear her degradation.

Maybe you’re a guy who likes to dress up like a girl

put a fancy dress on, and make it spin and twirl

or maybe you’re a girl who wants to be a guy

binded titties, hair cut short, no make-up is applied.

Maybe you’re a furry, dressing up like a bear

dancing in a costume, you love for them to stare

at your weirdness and your strangeness

and sometimes straight profaneness…….

Look, I ain’t judging n’er one of you people

the only ones I judge are the ones under the steeple

those are the kind who are so fucking blind

they really, really, really blow my fucking mind

….and that’s hard to do…

I’m hard to shock.


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