man i hate myself so goddamn much on this night i went outside for a little while but the moon it was too bright and that’s a scary feeling when you’re already reeling from the stagger in your swag you feel nothing but drag from the insides they’re pulling me and I think they’re coming out says my little cute face pout i don’t know what this is about but i know i love to eat me some rainbow trout wrapped in bacon my mind is shaking from monkeys all around me making funnies but they got me mistaken cause I am not one of them i think more highly of phlegm that comes out of my esophagus when my voice begins to bust and my world is shaking just like the fish wrapped up in bacon and I wanna jump into the pan even if i AM FORSAKEN.

I got some heart burn from the scars that are not learned they’re still bleeding a little bit so I try not to fit but sometimes I tend to get so fucking mad that I became a nothing because of my dad but it’s not polite to say in any kind of way you should always love your daddy even if he doesn’t stay and because he’s not here I’ll have another beer except that i drink vodka and it’s time for me to hock my engagement ring so I can buy another fifth or five more gallons if i don’t have my liquor i’m a lycan that be howling and I’m howling at the moon tonight, it’s outta sight but it’s so inside my sight that  i think I might just puke I need some chicken soup for my motherfucking soul cause that bitch is so cold…I’M FROZEN.


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