OJ- December 26, 2001

Well, it seems Mimi had a stroke a few days ago.  Daddy and (Uncle) Mark brought her to the hospital Christmas morning.  I don’t think it was a “bad” stroke, but she can’t move her *left arm anymore.  I spent the night with her last night.  I’m in the parking lot now waiting for Nueve to pick me up.  I guess I’m gonna go **home for a little while, and come back here this evening.  As if my life isn’t horrible enough right now, Nueve came to the hospital last night to inform me that he spoke with one of my “tricks” and they gave him the scoop on me.  Great!!  Just what I need!!  I’m so fucking sick of the motherfuckers around here.  I can’t lie anymore, though, I went ahead and told him it was probably true.  The guy also told him that it happened within the last couple of months.  That was a fucking lie.  But……anyway…Everytime I decide to live right and do the right thing I start getting slammed on all sides with shit.  I still don’t want to do any dope though.  I know that won’t solve a damn thing!!!  I’m just praying for the Lord to stay with me through all of this and give me the strength I need to continue.

*she actually ended up not being able to move THE WHOLE LEFT SIDE OF HER BODY anymore

**the “home” I am speaking of was actually no home at all, I was officially homeless and squatting at that Nueve guy’s apartment for approximately 2 months.



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