whatthefuckever retard

For starters, I really do not like AT ALL when someone knowingly instigates a fight with me and then blames my mental issues for the fucking fight.


And….for seconds, just because I say “I’m drunk” DOES NOT MEAN I AM FUCKING RETARDED.

I am drunk 7 days of the week so because I proclaim it out loud on Friday night, because in America it’s politcally and socially acceptable for a person over the age of 21 to be drunk on a Friday, does not exempt me from AWARENESS, ASSHOLE.






  1. People look for excuses to blame others and those of us with mental health issues are often seen as easy targets. It’s a shame but it’s also a fact. And some people are A*holes and that will never change.

  2. I so agree, and I really hate when they try to make you think you are crazy and out of control! If people push my buttons I AM going to EXPLODE and that is that! It has little to do with BPD it’s just who I am

  3. I suggest reading The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner. It helped me to be able to control mine, and also, not just to change my patterns of anger, to be aggressive with logic, not hate. Another thing of note, this book taught me, people don’t want me to change, especially and even if they think they do. When you break the cycle of leading an angry dance, it leaves your partner feeling dropped like a dirty diaper. I will not engage in arguments with certain people anymore, moher, younger brother, or my partner. Mom & (bro) Dan will never get it, Tim (partner) understands and knows that if i do engage in an angry pursuit, i must be hella pissed, and he better shut his mouth before I rip out his esophagus.
    I have a story about a scapegoat, if i have time today, I will post a blog about it, while my sweety is at bowling league. I definitely think you will enjoy it!

    1. I will definitely read The Dance of Anger. I enjoy my anger, most of the time, because, as I’m sure you can relate, I don’t have as much swag when I try to do the other emotions. I hate all of them except love and anger and love usually makes me angry.
      Thanks for reading!

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