1) Purify area with sage
2) Write victims name on paper and place in between black candles
3) With the chalk, draw an upside down pentacle with upside down crosses on each corner, make sure it’s around candles and paper.
4) Put the black termlion on the paper
5) Call the watch towers/quarters

6) Close your eyes and imagine the victims life being torn apart.
7) Chant:
“(victims name) you’ve brought me pain, now it’s time I made you go insane. Seven things will be taken away from you, and all your nightmares will come true. One, you’ll be caught on all the wrong you do. Two, you’ll come down with the worst flu. Three, everyone shall lose trust in you. Four, a close family member shall pass. Five, a bone will be broken. Six, you’ll lose the girl/guy you love. Seven, no one will ever love you. I reverse my pain to go to you, so no one is ever good or true to you. So mote it be.”
8) Take the paper, and burn it. Leave the ashes where they are.
9) Close the circle.


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