Sarah Sue

You said that you loved me

but i don’t think you do

because you knew from the start

I have issues, it’s true

I never lied once

I never blamed them on you

I take my licks well

when I know that they’re due

What hurts me the most

is when you use what I’ve said

to fashion a bullet and put a gun to my head

you then pull the trigger

and hope that I’m dead

or at the least render me dumb

so I can’t speak

then talk to your girls about your borderline freak

the bitch that is crazy making you weak

being the martyr is what you seek

your girls eat it up like gravy and rice

and empathize with you because you’re so nice

how in the world do you stay with that girl

she’s draining your life and making you sterile



You will never get milk from that lazy ass cow!

She’s no good at all what the fuck were you thinking?

You must have gotten with her after a week of hard drinking!

You are so perfect, in all that you do

except getting with that crazy ass bitch they call Sarah Sue.

…even though you know she loves you.


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