Delicious Life Reasons To Look In The Mirror

that was a great read. Thank you.

This is all temporary

Last night I wrote briefly about avoiding the mirror for any unhealthy judgmental reasons. Tonight I invite you to help me discover (and live out) wonderful excuses for needing the mirror check.

I share my Top Ten Delicious Reasons To Check The Mirror

1) Love your spouse so much in the morning you have to make sure your hair is presentable before heading out the door. Make more time for love than primping.
2) Climb trees and enjoy your perch. If you enjoy the tree-climbing tree appropriately you definitely will have to check for leaves and caterpillars and stuff. This, believe me, is a wonderful thing. Perform tree climbing often.
3) Challenge yourself to beat a skier down the hill. If you win on your snowboard and find yourself snow plowing so hard to avoid running over skiers in line for the lift, you just might face plant. If you…

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