71W7id66qCL._SX522_To be honest….I FEEL LIKE THERE ARE TINY BATS FLYING AROUND THE INSIDE OF ME LOOKING FOR AN ESCAPE BUT NEVER FINDING ONE….I feel like the biggest piece of trash to ever walk the face of the earth.  I feel like everyone hates me and I feel like I hate everyone. I feel homicidal and I feel suicidal.  I fucking hate you and I fucking hate me, too.  So fuck everyone reading this cause I don’t give a fuck.



  1. I think you’re cool 😛 I ain’t gonna add any “feel better” bullshit cause I know the feelings, and I know it doesn’t help. (seriously though I do think you’re cool, and your writing is awesome)

  2. Get the F’ing bats out of your belfry and straighten up. If I was there I would smack you upside the head. In a friendly, loving, get your shit together kind of way of course.

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