I Just Cap

lighted middle finger


So I’m white and I live in a black neighborhood. My boyfriend is Asian, but because he’s Thai with a quarter Indian (the kind from INDIA), he’s dark and most people think he’s mexican and he hates that, and to be honest, I do too.  Ironically, I am at least 25% Mexican and I am very thankful for my heritage…you know, nice skin, big ass, and all that.

I came from a white neighborhood and before that one, two other white neighborhoods, but I really have spent most of my adult life in the ghetto.

What is funny to me is that regardless of the  majority ethnicity of the neighborhood in which I live, MY NEIGHBORS ALWAYS END UP HATING ME.

It never fails….black, white, blue, red, green, or even purple, to match my BIG PURPLE COCK THEY CAN ALL SUCK, I am unanimously hated by my neighbors.

I honestly believe that I am a sweet-hearted person, having a people-pleasing nature that would rival even Lindsay Lohan. I know I am.

Here’s the problem…I am an honest bitch.  I am honest to the point at which I should do some 12 step recovery work or something, because people hate the truth and very few practice it with discipline.

I am getting way off topic, you see, because I was aiming this topic to be about the stupid ass loudcapping bitch across the street who has a drug-dealer boyfriend whom she thinks is fucking me.  What she doesn’t know is that I WOULDN’T FUCK HER CAN’T KEEP HIS COCK IN HIS PANTS, CHEATING ASS WHORE….NOT EVEN WITH HER DICK.

I used to buy weed from her boyfriend, because HE’S A FUCKING DRUG DEALER WHO SELLS WEED.

I smoke weed.

Dude sells weed.


It’s just that, bless her heart, poor girl only been cheated on by that scandalous piece of shit, and I suppose she takes it out on all women.

I just want her to know:

I don’t loudcap.

I just cap.



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