Sylvia Plath

I guess my followers need rhyme to read my shit
honors english for four years i learned onomatopoeia
but also for four years I DID NOT LIKE IT A BIT
I HATED reading Homer, Joyce, and old fucking whit….

Shakespeare the one I hated the most

I really did fail the test on Macbeth

But it didn’t matter cause I could coast

on the grades I earned from my journal posts..

and I hated that journal, too….

My stepmom on faculty, I couldn’t be true.

…although I could take 200 pills, trying to suicide

my face would be green

but she didn’t care, not even to chide…

and because she taught there

my cutup wrists, no teacher would care

…even though they fucking saw them.

Btw…I loved Poe.

My friend, Edgar, was so fucking emo.

And so was Sylvia Plath.


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