Cudi Zone

Is this allowed?
Sure bet my daddy proud
A lil nigga with a shaker smile
On top of the dreams is where I’m found
Some figured I was Satan-bound
UnTil I came back with a skull I found
Then all of the sudden they face to faces
Causa who I know wanna kill the places
That I’ve stepped
How many niggas wanna hate cause I left?
How could you blame me and my plan of  attack?
Cause I’m Risking my soul attack
I’m a murderer all over the map
Only rule of thumb it don’t really matter just  where you from  all that really matter
is where you gon go maybe upstate for some. But you can’t rule out the steps I’ve done second chances given out to some all you gotta do is take advantage so maybe you can get yourself a horse and carriage
Then pimpin
you can think about marriage
Until then get it then find yourself and let’s  begin Ima tell you how in a minutes Ima show you how I be livin’ from a long time ago a young nigga he was still it now in the zone I see things so vivid I’m a zone no homie not even Ima zone out till I lose feeling remember Ima be gone way past November even stay UP THERE UP THERE floating floating hoping I can find peace somewhere.

Ballin’ is this allowed?  Without feeling like shallow hal?  Diamonds on the Jesus peace for style back in Cleveland city we’d ride around.  Greet my niggas with dap and pound so if i fall i won’t make the ground these are the things thatll make me that make me smile knowing this blunt might burn a while I keep myself so lifted I am accustomed to new heights. I feel perfect though they think it’s worthless see what of my flight, man everybody wanna be a critic I’ll have my life and I will live it shut your mouth before I fuck it HA my jokes they will love it if I’m seen on the scene with my slim-cut jeansmore than likely I am faded man you are not the shit if everywhere you go niggas ain’t just standin around hating man so my advice is when the lights start flashing I’ll be zoning all alone in the place where my mind is going filled with songs that no one’s knowing and the devil in the hot pink dress trying to ask me for one dance he think he slick but my guardians protect me from his wrath. So in my place no hate shall enter living high up there up there  coping coping floating I will find peace somewhere.


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