Month: October 2015

Thanks for the fuck

I love you but I hate you, for fucking up my life

and now I’m kinda sorry that I made you leave your wife

but maybe I was put here just to end that fucking strife

even though my chest is bleeding, been cut with your big knife

I miss you very bad

and I know I made you mad

the love you gave was the best that I’ve ever had

I’ve never let it go, the way I did with you…

you made me feel some feelings that I never, ever knew

you may call me a liar but we both know this is true-

I never want to love again

good men to find are few

Yes, I can take my lick cause I know I am so quick

to think that you are fucking me without using your dick

I know that I don’t trust

and honesty’s a must

I can handle ANY TRUTH…even laden with disgust

so please tell me how I can begin to understand

the life you hide on your private island

we’ll call it FACEBOOKLAND

You’re a jealous motherfucker

and you must think I’m a sucker

you don’t want me as your facebook friend

so you can message hoes like Tucker.

And David Danced

Sometimes when I’m outside late at night, singing and dancing, I stop and think that I feel embarrassed and then I remember how good singing and dancing under the stars makes me feel and it immediately kills the embarrassment…..embarrassment is a stupid thing constructed by the ego of man.

“And David danced before the LORD with all his might.” -2 Samuel 6:14

Wish I was a shark

I wish I was a shark….so badass they don’t even sleep….Ever.

…I.wonder if they still have dreams and nightmares even while they live perpetually awake living their lives as a nightmare to both land and sea dwellers and I wonder if sharks were actually another one of Yah’s insanely awesome ironies that he has Always constantly continued to drop on the human race….Irony should be listed in the canonical list of His attributes and I think it should be first….God is no(-)thing if not ironic…..and I fucking love His irony…He’s (She’s, It’s, We’re) Badass.