Thanks for the fuck

I love you but I hate you, for fucking up my life

and now I’m kinda sorry that I made you leave your wife

but maybe I was put here just to end that fucking strife

even though my chest is bleeding, been cut with your big knife

I miss you very bad

and I know I made you mad

the love you gave was the best that I’ve ever had

I’ve never let it go, the way I did with you…

you made me feel some feelings that I never, ever knew

you may call me a liar but we both know this is true-

I never want to love again

good men to find are few

Yes, I can take my lick cause I know I am so quick

to think that you are fucking me without using your dick

I know that I don’t trust

and honesty’s a must

I can handle ANY TRUTH…even laden with disgust

so please tell me how I can begin to understand

the life you hide on your private island

we’ll call it FACEBOOKLAND

You’re a jealous motherfucker

and you must think I’m a sucker

you don’t want me as your facebook friend

so you can message hoes like Tucker.


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