I <3 MANIA《 "Back Around" on YouTube

i miss my fucking mom like i miss my fucking leg it got cut off I’m a  a pirate and im walking on a peg it’s really fucking weird cause we never could get close my dad took me from the one i needed most I have no memories of her before the age of six funny he always had a camera but there are no pics of me or her maybe there’s few and by a few I mean literally  one more than two my dad the one who raised me was really fucking mean when he married my step mom then they became a team then they had my sister and I really turned green I was jealous and angry and I was obscene trying to get attention any way i could I was always bad cause they never noticed good and they also never noticed when id make my wrists bleed or take a bunch of pills or smoke alot of weed they only really cared if i ever dared to disobey in any kind of way that would make other people say anything out of any ordinary way even when I wasn’t punished i could never could play; I couldn’t cross the street and then I would stay in my room and I would use my feet to dance in front my mirror til it was time for bed and even though I had nightmares there wasn’t any dread i could sleep and sleep never counting one sheep just enjoying my nightmares playing on repeat anything was better than being in that place i hated that house i hated that space I hated my room and I hated my face i hated you and i hated time and space get too close and  you get punched in the face and then you can see my panties all pretty with lace….im using waynes beat to write my silly song and i know i ain’t paid so i know that its wrong trying to fit in where i suppose i dont belong but when it blows up and I’m talking about my song  getting played all the time I hope that he will like my rhyme and all the baby steps the baby made without a crime cause theres many more babies out there just like me but still young and shit with the whole world to see i just want them to know they can be what they be they’re beautiful and silly and some are funny and sad and some days they’re just really bitchy fucking mad and you know what, girl?  That don’t make you bad. nothing makes you bad you’re really good inside so don’t let the world and its people make you hide.  Stand up straight, chest out, chin up and then if they don’t like it then you uppercut fuck this world don’t let it get you down act like an ass be 40 and a clown i swear if you don’t this place will make you drown and I swear when you go you will go without a sound take it from a bitch who was one to make a block a bitch on her knees buttiing heads with a glock fuck that life and fuck that strife that fucking shit makes it hard to be a wife when you’ve done too much and you’ve seen much more you’re always gonna be looking for a magic door to take you away to your own paradice i’m still hoping to find mine that would be really nice i hope you find yours the best way you can, do it better than me ill always be your fan we can choose to love and we dont have to hate but if that’s what you choose then you choose your own fate….I’m past mid life and this what i’ve found what goes around really does come back around. I’m past mid life and this what i’ve found what goes around really does come back around. I’m past mid life and this what i’ve found what goes around really does come back around



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