Tongue Gun

I’m on one listening to my beats in my headphones writing my rhymes puts me in my zone I can say what i want i don’t care what you think and in my semi humble opinion humanity stinks…it smells like death and everything that is rotten people screaming love but that’s what they’ve forgotten I used to could shrug it off but it’s getting really hard and every year that passes I feel evermore retarded for having to dwell on this planet of pure fucking apes I’m ready to go home for fucking God’s sake…please YAH save me from this dreadful place.

I hate always feeling like I’m the bad guy because I always tell the truth I dont see a need for lies …why would you want to steady wear a disguise?
Plus that’s alot of remembering you gotta keep straight, it’s too much for me I hardly remember birthdays…appointments I’m always fucking late; to me lies are just too much on my plate plus then there’s all the hate that the lies are gonna make and gonna devastate the fate of all of the lives we create and also destroy at the same fucking time people cope differently and I cope with rhyme. …sometimes I write nice but most times its rude cause the times when I want to write are times I’m in a feud…and im always in a feud and I know the problem’s me having my different point of view other people can’t see. ..they wearing some kind of eyeballs different from me and I’m really full of love I got so much to give but most days this world got me wanting not to live and since I don’t lie I’ll be up front and straight, the more I see of life the more I’m filled with hate…it’s hard to understand even worse to describe when it’s hard to go outside people make me want to hide I just want my wings back so that I can fly away out of this dimension go somewhere and play and have fun where I don’t have to hear about not one fucking gun. ..humans love to kill that is why we’re all so ill always taking lots pills to kill all our feel and I’m talking to myself while I talk to you, we need to understand our tongues are guns, too.


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