Shame on you

I have so many enemies knowing not why anymore than I know how birds  fly.  If they would allow me the chance to ask them in person what exactly I did them so badly for hatred to worsen, that sure would be nice but only in a fool’s paradise does that dream exist and yet they persist to taunt me and worse is they’ve no thought or concern how their hatred affects the small children I raised to show them respect and never talk back and I know that they don’t but I will talk back, stop me, they won’t.  Messages I’ve passed, more than a couple, the first ones politely, so sweet and so subtle.  Ignored those they did and continued to trouble my sweet little babes who should not have to choose and I promise that choice would have you all lose. Speaking ill of a parent to her own child should make you ashamed, I know I’m reviled.  They will love me no matter what lies  that you speak and take it from me, when you do that you reek of the hatred that has you bound in your sin and though you’ve been warned you will do it again.   Shame on you.

You have deserved every word I have spoken.

Every word is true and that’s why you’re mad so point at yourselves, when you judge someone bad.



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