Commentary on the refugees

people are ridiculous like minds infected with syphilis and I don’t mean that literally I really mean if figuratively so let me explain my words so readers don’t see turds that they will immediately flush and talk about the stink never stopping once to think unless the things are pink they’re all about awareness yet they are so careless with their mouths and actions not caring for reactions…no! No!  don’t bring in no refugees, the Mexicans enough…shit…please…I’m not thinking about the slaughter of your five year old daughter who was gunned down in the street, with her mommy going to market just trying to get some meat  and cabbage for some soup but all of us are marked and we can’t go to the park cause we live amongst the sharks who will rip us all apart and even tho we go not part in this terroristic plot we are all marked for death and americans are smoking meth watching all that tv  believing everything they see cause they cannot think a thought alone their brains remain in a zone that really is unreachable and so many are unteachable and hateful, no remorse, and the unfortunate recourse will be our own demise because all we do is believe the fucking lies.



  1. Perfectly stated… We will watch Europe reap what they sow, and the US will too if the POTUS and the sleeping zombies have their way.

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