Ain’t Loved By Jesus

Days to Christmas and I never seem to miss this  every year

always I’m on santa’s shit list everyone I know I know is

seemingly pissed and I really don’t care they can eat my fist especially the right one it’s got a big cyst a real big fat one they can’t resist

All I wanna do is break down and cry

Cry for hours while I’m screaming why

What did I do to deserve to this guy

What did I do to deserve this life?

I was a good little girl back when when I was in school

I played by myself  and I followed the rules

I was scared of my daddy cause he was really cruel

I still had my fun but I wasn’t a fool

I made good grades but they weren’t the best

I knew I could’ve done way better than the rest

I never ever studied and made and A’s on my tests

maybe if I would’ve they would been impressed

Instead the only thing the teachers had to say

Was that I talked too much and my head was in space

If she would apply herself shed would get better grades

But by the time I got in high school I was only getting laid

Getting dick by the boys who only wanted fuck

None of them loved me ugly ass duck

Laughing at me then but the jokes on them

Cause now they’re  fat and bald as fuck

Or maybe theyre gay but I won’t say I really do try to take the high

Way love is the answer I do take that

that posture

Cause I don’t want to be a bigger monster

Than I already  am and I want to foster

Good will to all cause I’m not an imposter

I’m real as shit and no lie the cost of

Living that way gets me cut off from

Everyone around cause most of them dirty

Only loyal to themselves their prides are thirsty

Hit you in the face while you looking sideways

Got your back turned and they thinkin your eyes glazed

And even if they’re not they’ll say that they are

Just so they can talk about that police car

That you took a ride a in, they’ll repeat it with a grin

Saying bless her heart, all she does is sin

We need to lift to her up in some prayer again

I suppose that’s why I got few friends

I really don’t need them and I would recommend

That you choose yours wisely and unless they’re godsend

Cause you’re the only one on who you can depend when the shit hits the fan and you are at your wits end got nowhere to live and nothing give the only one you got is the one is the one that live in the mirror and looking back at her makes me scared when I see her she’s a bad bitch and yes I fear her she comes to destroy, kill and steal she’ll ruin your life like a Hasbro toy inside of her is fierce decoy that only attracts certain types of maggots that feed on things that are already sick she’ll pick you to your bones but she will leave you your dick cause she already knows that you’re gonna fuck her over, you’ll find another bitch maybe one that’s sober maybe a bitch that’ll clean the house better maybe a bitch that’ll knit you a sweater maybe a hoe that makes a lot of money cooking you dinner and calling you honey but won’t suck your dick cause she thinks that’s funny and fucking like a girl who ain’t nothing but twenty the ones you wanna fuck are always crazy whacked in the head and sometimes lazy bad ass pussy that you just can’t leave can’t take her home and meet no people and sure as fuck can’t take her to the steeple get your ass banned from the congregation staying with her will bring you straight to damnation split your whole family right in pieces because cause this bitch ain’t loved by Jesus


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