Month: January 2016

I Wear a coat of depression that doesn’t come off
It breaks me,  rapes me, makes me feel like I’m lost
In a world full of people who don’t really care
Except for their clothes, cars, shoes, money and hair
And reality stars
….things that hold zero real worth
The coat tightens….I can feel it’s girth.
One day the coat will choke me about my neck
And then it’ll be over
Man, what the heck?


I hate waking up.
I hate being so miserable.
I hate that I share my misery.
I hate when people enjoy my misery.
I hate when people don’t enjoy my misery.
I hate.
I love.
I hate that love makes me hate.

history repeats

I’m waiting for my liver to finally fucking die

I’ll have an excuse, but they’ll still ask why

why did she do it

she couldn’t get through it

i thought that she loved me

but i guess i was wrong

no you weren’t wrong

my heart bled for you

you have no idea what your mother went through

knowing that I’m hurting you

and don’t know what to do

except drink my pain away

and i know you’re gonna say



but yeah i did it anyway

and now I’m dead

and i know you got these questions

and answers you are seeking

so this blog is for my babies

when the grave is who is speaking

Just a Weed

Love is the cure for every single ail

but it makes me pour vodka into a large pail

then pour it down my throat

I can’t cross the moat

that lies between my prison

and the field of my decisions

I’m trapped inside my tower

and I’m slowly losing power

I used to be a flower

but now I’m just a weed