I think I’m way more honest than I probably should be If I could shut my mouth then I’d know I could be an awesome lady who lived a life once shady but now the karma lessens and in her life she sees progression from the monster that she was once to the one who honors all the lessons that life will throw her way; don’t matter when or time of day, those lessons hit me hard; made me almost a retard and my emotions got all stunted at times you’d hear me grunting and screaming and crying and dreaming all the time and hoping that the nightmare would be over like, “Send SARAH right on over”, but they never did pick me only shitfields did I see… I hated school but I loved it cause that’s all that I could see besides my shit hole house I was trapped inside,  ignored most continuously so there was no need to hide…I was mostly all invisible besides all of those times I was divisible by the others around me who left me sleeping soundly cause the only part of my day, favorite in every way, was during sleep my dreams would chase the demons away.



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