Questions that will never be answered

I have some (rhetorical) questions for those who continually seek to destroy me.  

I know you’re reading this and I’d give a kidney,  even though that’d leave me dead,  just to have them answered. 

Therein lies the problem; it seems that the only ones who can answer these questions would really seek my death before even thinking of such a matter, and even THE THOUGHT OF ME DEAD STILL WON’T MAKE THEM SPEAK THE TRUTH.

Alas, I shall ask them anyway and pray that one day they shall wake up with a maturity born inside themselves that would shake the answers out of them, as if it were a cancer and the only cure were the TRUTH.


1. Why won’t you tell the whole truth.  Not just my wrongs,  but yours, as well?

2.  Why do you lie about the things I did for you?

3.  Why can’t you just let it go?

4.  Why the continual witch hunt and crusade to destroy relationships within our neighborhood?

5.  Do you have any concern, AT ALL,  for the children that are being hurt?  I understand you’re confident yours aren’t being hurt,  but why would you be confident in that?   That this is hurting everyone’s children is more than obvious and yet,  you are the mother that continues the hatred by continually spreading lies.

6.  Why would you knowingly allow your new friend who , you have to know,  is only using you to back stab me,  to walk from your house to my house as your family watched,  and destroy my property?

7.  Have I ever destroyed your property?

8.  You are aware this is the THIRD time you have allowed someone visiting your house to walk to my house and, WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT, destroy my property, right?

9.  You do know that I am not an idiot an I know everyone who has done it, and the monetary damage to my property now exceeds over $1000

10.  Will you admit that when you asked me to babysit your daughter in the afternoons in early 2011 until late October you agreed to pay me,  but never payed one dime, and NEVER ONCE DID I ASK YOU ABOUT IT? 


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