When I finally snap, nobody will need a camera.  The wired jaws and crushed faces will make all surveillance equipment completely unnecessary. People have limits. Everybody has a threshold of what they can withstand mentally.  I have endured patiently for the past five years outright lies, horrendous slander, more lies, verbal abuse, even more lies, and complete defamation of my character, including a systematic door-to-door campaign to destroy. A joint effort of a family to completely destroy another family. I got a late start as a “real” wife and mother. This blog was born to describe that late start. …to help me get things out of me that needed to be. The things now being destroyed are the very things I worked so hard to create after living through an incredibly abusive childhood,  and a decade of hell in my twenties.  I’m just saying…people have thresholds.  I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me what I did to cause all of this BULLSHIT.  I have no problem apologizing for anything I have done wrong.  However,  I do not believe that anyone could even challenge me that every action of mine was not just an action,  but more of a REACTION.


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