Month: April 2016

“I’m a pimp under pressure leave my money on the dresser ” -Lil Wayne


Just so you know

If anyone reading this blog on Eddie’s behalf…LET ME TELL YOU ONE MOTHERFUCKING THING:  I ain’t taking a MOTHERFUCKING thing out this house THAT I DIDN’T BRING INTO IT.

So, you all can go ahead and stop that parade NOW.

…and you can fuck yourselves too, lol, but you do that all the time, anyway.


Moving Out

I am all up in my feelings right now.  I want to be so mean.  I want to fashion my words as blades so sharp they could pierce fucking steel, and please believe me, I CAN.

But I’m not.

He deserves it.

But I shall refrain.

To be continued….


I just realized,  a month or two, ago,  that I have to consciously will my fists to unclench, when I am going to sleep…..I dont remember ever sleeping with my fists clenched, but I also don’t remember sleeping with them NOT clenched