I had to kill him

My YouTube channel going down since I had to kill my Lemonade.  I hated that I had to murder what was gonna get me paid.

But…he had to die.

11 million views later….damn…I almost had it made.




  1. You are so much more than that character you played on your YT channel Sarah… You have a way with words, you have a honesty that is way deeper than nine tenths of the crap on YT.
    I think your calling is your music and your lyrics. You don’t need a gimmick. You got the real thing.

      1. True, but views for the sake of views are just views.
        I’ll use David Bowie as an example. He did his Ziggy Stardust character and then killed him off because he didn’t want to be stereotyped as Ziggy. He went on and did his Thin White Duke.
        It’s time for your Thin White Duke.
        Views will come and go, but your real true self will always be you.
        You’re AWESOME Sarah, use your gift.
        And what you have is truly a gift….

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