8 year olds and ollies

So I’m trying to teach my 8-year old daughter how to ollie, the first and foremost skateboard trick you must learn before you can do any other skateboard trick.  So,  I guess I’m embarrassing her all being outside and stuff,  so we kinda take to the house a little bit closer, behind a vehicle,  and I youtube an olly tutorial….she’s still being stubborn,  and not listening,  so I’m like, “fine,  whatever,  I didn’t get this old by being STUPID, learn it yourself”, and I put my headphones back on and go sit in the garage…ten seconds later she comes to the garage to go in the house but says to me as she walks by,  “I have a brain,  and I have a phone”….and now she’s back in the driveway learning to ollie…the right way.


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