I believe in symmetry

I haven’t spoken to my oldest daughter in almost two months.  That’s how we roll….

When we are getting along, we get along like peas and carrots and when we get mad, household items get smashed and bones and hearts get broken…the last few times, the twist of incarceration has been involved.

Not fun.

Nevertheless, it was no mistake that her name means, “My Angel”, because she is and I love her in a way that I have never loved another person.

When she was born, I was 20 years old, approximately the same age she is now, and I experienced the weirdest phenomena of crying and laughing with joy, at the same time. That feeling produced a euphoria that was better than any drug I have ever taken, and I have taken many.

I have never experienced that feeling again, her birth was the only time.

After our last fight, I wasn’t gonna reach out first again, I always do that.

So I waited for her to reach, this time.

She did, and I do believe in symmetry.


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