A Dream Within A Dream

I turned the Kardashians off and decided to take a nap.  The rain was falling the and the sound was so soothing that it did not take very long for me to go to dreamland.

I am a dreamer.  As soon as I fall asleep, anytime, anywhere, I dream.  I usually enjoy my dreams, and since I began to learn the art of the lucid dream, the nightmares do not take as big of a toll on me as they once did.

Before I knew it, I was back at my mother’s house.  The only house I ever knew her to live. The same house she shared with my wretch of a step-father.

The neighbors who, in real life, just moved in next door to my house, needed a place to stay for a while, in dreamland, and I offered them to stay at my mom’s house and they accepted.

My mom was not there, neither was the step-monster.  It was just me and the real neighbors in my mother’s house.  They stayed in my brother’s old room and rarely did they come out where I could see them.

I remember being in my mother’s room but behind a desk with a bed for a chair.  I was using a computer but I don’t remember why, and then I got sleepy.  I was drifting off to sleep and one of the neighbors came out of my brother’s room and went to the kitchen to make a drink.  I could hear the ice maker churning.  I wanted to tell her that if she and her husband were too hot, that the window unit worked really well in that room, but it was very noisy.  I was not able to tell her because I had already fallen asleep.

I started dreaming within my dream that I was at my dad’s funeral.  Nobody told me he was sick or dying.  I remember feeling very sad and tears wanting to come out of my face in the dream within the dream.

I fought those tears as hard as I could.  I fought them with anger.  I went directly to my little sister, and punched her in the face at the funeral home.

I then started to wake from the dream within the dream, but I was still dreaming.  It was really, really hard to wake from one, much less, both of them.  But, by pure force of will, I did.

I am super-groggy.




  1. I’ve done the same thing! Dream inside a dream.
    I told a couple of people and they just gave me the strangest looks. Then that movie Inception came out a couple years later and one person I told came back and asked me if I could tell them how to dream inside a dream… I just gave him a strange look… Lol
    I’ve been trying to control my dreams, lucid dreaming, but it never goes the way I want it to. Actually it usually goes the exact opposite of how I want it. Any tips??

    1. I just did a whole bunch of reading on the subject for a while, and then I started listening to sleep hypnosis videos. Michael Sealey is on YouTube, he’s got a whole bunch of sleep hypnosis videos, including several on lucid dreaming and I started letting them play when I went to sleep. It took several months, and I’m still not at the point where I can actually direct the dream, but I am completely aware that I’m dreaming, if that makes sense. Knowing that I’m dreaming while I’m having a nightmare, takes 80% of the fright out of it.

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