Before you go liking my step-mom…


I was taught  by my step-mom, from the time I started school, that if anyone fucked with me, in a bullying fashion, I WAS TO IMMEDIATELY LAY ON THE GROUND AND CRY UNTIL A TEACHER CAME.


Third Grade….

Recess bell rings…

I go out, with everone else…

I guess cause I’m just a clusterfuck, it took me longer to get all my shit put up, before I go to leave.

I’m leaving the T-building my class was located…

Four steps down…at three I’m met by the two trashiest trailer park girls in the whole school.  The main one had the same name as me….EXCEPT HERS AIN’T HAD NO “H”…

….that explains alot.

They tell me to come behind the trailer with them.  I follow them, anxiously, honestly having no idea what they want with me.

I still don’t know what they wanted with me except to kick me in my pussy repeatedly AS HARD AS THEY COULD….

I just stood there….like a stone…I didn’t fight back, but I didn’t change my stone face, either.

I didn’t cry.

I didn’t scream for help.

I just stood there and took it.

Someone else cried for help, but it wasn’t me.

…and I never told anyone til I was much older….like mid-twenties…I NEVER told my parents.



…cause they would’ve been mad at me and I would have been PUNISHED.


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