She was racist to me first

she was racist to me first,

I swear…

I reacted very angrily

but I don’t even care

she was racist to me first,

I swear

and yeah, I blamed it on her hair

because her weave was new

she thought anything she said was fair

but she was racist to me first,

I swear

poor thing knows there are no prayers

to get me off her ass once her mouth proclaimed the dare

she was racist to me first,

I swear

and when you are white,

you cannot begin to declare



It is my experience that being a pretty white girl in a predominately black neighborhood keeps you always looking over one shoulder….

…but I’d do that, anyway, even in a white neighborhood.

I hate racism.  It’s fucking stupid and it really can’t even be defined.  Try it, if you don’t believe.  DON’T FUCKING GOOGLE THE DEFINITION….just, to yourself, define it….

you can’t.

I wish people in this stupid country would turn off the tv or the computer long enough to have a few independent thoughts.  I wish one of those independent thoughts would relate to the fact that the UNITED STATES is really the only SUPER-RACIST country, and it’s not because of slavery…well it is, but not because of the civil war variety…WE ARE THE SLAVES, ALL OF US…BLACK, WHITE, RED, BROWN, YELLOW, PURPLE, GREEN, GOLD, BLUE….the joke is on us….cause we’re still fighting over that stupid shit and neglecting to fight over shit THAT REALLY MATTERS…..

it’s so stupid, I have to laugh…

I’d have to laugh, anyway, because I have an inappropriate laugh-response.







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