fuck i hate starting out every word bad always wishing and wanting for the the things i don’t have  so fuck  cars fuck  clothes fuck  money fuck hoes 

that shit is worth zero I wanna be a hero a naked motherfucker with yall thinking ima sucker with my stretch marks loud and my big titties proud yeah you’ll see my nipples hard in my burial shroud and  you and crying at my funeral while i’m laughing on a cloud

i wish the humans understand that this is all a joke, once that you choke  and  they see you go up in smoke….you’ll finally understand what the drugs were all about…when you looking from above you will clearly see the pigs snout in which humans live, breed and mothafucking die…and then that’s where you’ll wonder, “man what really is an eye?”

I thought I saw the world but i really  saw nothing and by “nothing” i literally mean “NOT ONE THING”

There’s an infinitite amount of things but the fact is that there’s only one, and if that is hard to understand  then you need to understand you’ve just begun… I promise I ain’t really too far hard up ahead cause I’ve always been lazy daydreaming in my bed

talents i’ve been wasting and life  i ain’t been facing and the saddest part is that I really should be fucking  racing…cause my engine is fast , it’s faster than most  but my dumbass stops short…hitting brakes when I should coast and always. stopping to raise my glass for the next toast … and they thinking i’m too drunk to know i’m being laughed at by the host..

but what can i say? i really am that way….the thoughts that i think are the words that i say

the thoughts that i think are the words that i say and if your feeling hurt easily with me you shouldn’t play  cause I say what I think when what i think is on my mind  and i’ve been told more than once that my thoughts are unkind..

and weird..

haha…what the fuck is weird?  i’ll tell you what i think it is and i’ll make it very  clear … weird is a hipster with a stupid ass nappy  beard that he secretly hates but he keeping up with  his peers….

hahhhhahhhahhha….MOTHERFUCKIN HA

i love sheep, cause sheep are funny, and just about as cute as a tiny little bunny sitting in some grass, eating him a carrot and you can skin him for a coat cause he don’t smell like a ferret….

but…if I bought a fur coat…I’d want it made of ferrets.






  1. damn girl….I wish I could write like you. I love to read what you have written. – big hugs and much peace and love to you….and whats his face too! lol j/k

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