God Is Ironic

just like that we forgot about the mexicans
coming in our country make us anorexic and
taking all our jobs for alot less pay
we can’t let em in our country fuck no way!

we need to get the blacks out and the cops out too
the place will be better with just me and you
we don’t need muslims and we don’t need jews
I just want my color all others I refuse

when I was a little kid I only colored white
cause “it was the best color in my sight
fuck the other 63 colors in that box
white is the best cause white fucking rocks”

said no child ever never fucking ever
all the other colors were way more clever
blue, green, turquoise, maroon, periwinkle
gotta have yellow to draw some tinkle….

and to be honest the white was pretty clear
You’d have to color real hard to see it appear
if your papers white too, get out of here
and all the colors, truly white feared
because white knew how easily it smeared…

now that that I’m older, I like the color white
because it holds all of the colors in my sight
every last color in the fucking spectrum
the irony of that is something like electrum….

god is nothing if he’s not ironic.


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