A Hook with no title

I just wanna write what I’m mothafucking thinking and no i ain’t holding back and yeah I’m fucking drinking but you all knew that so don’t go and act like a spoiled brat just because I react with a slap that makes a clap got your cap your call your hat all falling to the back with the funny things I say in a kinda twisted way or maybe it’s really the other way around i get words turned upside down when i spit em in your face I think you wont like the sound most people hate em that’s why i don’t date I did procreate, made 5 lil geniuses, possessing all my traits made it harder to escape

I’ve tried really hard to really fucking die
but it never works and i’m left asking why
I’ve tried really hard to really fucking die
but it never works and i’m left asking why

so i ain’t ever trying that stupid shit again
I’m ready eat my misery until the very last end.
so i ain’t ever trying that stupid shit again
I’m ready eat my misery until the very last end.

I swear I’ve tried my hardest to get into the ground
and every time that I’ve tried , only one thing i’ve found
there’s a choir of Something and they’re everywhere around
and they’ve made it their business to keep me earth bound
the nose of a hound couldn’t smell this sound
angels in the air, something so profound, something that’s made of something that is round. Perfect as a circle giving you a burial shroud

Whoever he is I know he ain’t from here but I think he came once and turned water into beer or maybe it was wine but not the kind from my face the kind that fucks you up, the kind you don’t waste.
at first I had no problem following his way then came that one very fateful day
my whole world crumbled there was nothing left to say get out my face I’LL GO MY OWN WAY…okey dokey Yahweh don’t play the same kind of word games that humans play He’ll give you all the space that you really think you want but stuck in your mind is the constant haunt….

When you believe, there is no going back and I’m motherfucking serious as a fucking heart attack what you think you lack, he will give it all back…. just not how you planned it and I know that is a fact and
you might think me trash with the words that I speak,
if so please tell me, how it is you would proceed to tell someone whose never believed about The truth which will set him free? I would really like to know your strategy. Will you be a hypocrite? or will you be like me? I got me three atheists under my wing…

…but whose wing am I under?

church folks better watch before they’re thrown into the sea…

with that

millstone thing…

about their necks.



  1. We have to meet. We are the same fucking person. I found you by googling acid bath lyrics. I could fucking cry reading your about me… It was like it was ripped from my fickle brain. I am in southeast Texas. My tarot cards tonight told me I’d meet someone I’ve been needing to meet. I also have bpd. I get you, and like no one else will. I sound corny but fuck it, ruled by emotions and have no filter. Just expressing how strong of a connection I feel to your words (I also practice Goetia and am a student of sorcery, ultimate goal to be a high priestess of the gray arts with a specialty in darkness) Do not ignore my extension of friendship because it is not offered very often. If you do, you will think of me over time because why? Because I met you through occult means, it was no accident. Don’t mistake my eagerness as anything other than a sense of knowing that I already know YOU. I’m anxiously awaiting your contact, in email I presume.

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